Conservation and freezing

All-purpose bags. They protect, conserve, transport, freeze and preserve food and any object.


The ultimate solution for storing fresh food in the refrigerator and freezer in the best conditions. Its vacuum packaging format allows for improved food distribution and organization.


They are designed to be the freezing container for your fresh product, allowing a better organization of your freezer. Bags suitable for freezing meat, fish, seafood, fruit, bread, vegetables, etc.


Sandwich bags, sandwich bags, ice cube bags and multipurpose bags of 1 and 3 liters. Plasfesa offers you a wide range of products in order to cover all your needs.

As a manufacturer, we have the capacity to adapt our products to market requirements.

What do we offer?

Our Freezer Bags are designed to be the perfect companion for your fresh produce when freezing, providing you with optimal organization in your freezer. These bags are ideal for freezing meat, fish, seafood, fruits, bread, vegetables and much more..


Cold resistant material

The freezer bags are made of materials resistant to extreme cold, making them suitable for use in the freezer without risk of breakage or damage. It ensures that food is protected safely and without risk of spoilage.

Labels and writing areas

Some freezer bags have labels or specific areas for writing information such as the freezing date or the contents of the bag. Facilitates the organization and control of frozen foods, allowing quick identification.

Hermetic sealing

These bags are designed with an airtight seal that prevents air from entering and prevents ice crystals from forming on the food. Hermetic sealing helps preserve the quality and freshness of frozen foods, preventing freezer burn.

Reusable and environmentally friendly

Many freezer bags are reusable and washable, reducing single-use plastic consumption and contributing to environmental sustainability. In addition to saving money in the long run, the use of reusable freezer bags helps reduce the generation of plastic waste.

What do we offer?

We have a wide variety of bags designed to preserve, transport and organize food and supplies. We have specific bags for sandwiches, snacks, ice cubes, as well as multipurpose bags.



Conservation bags are usually available in different sizes and shapes, making them suitable for a wide variety of products and foods, such as fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, snacks, among others.

Ease of use

These bags are easy to use, with airtight closures that open and close easily. In addition, they are often reusable, making them an economical and environmentally friendly option. A tailor-made bag for every need.

What do we offer?

Vacuum bags are the ideal choice to optimally preserve your fresh food in the refrigerator and freezer. Its practical vacuum packaging method guarantees a better arrangement and tidiness of food in both appliances.


Prolonged food preservation

Vacuum packaging bags help preserve food freshness for a longer period of time by eliminating air and reducing oxidation and bacterial growth.

Organizational improvement

By vacuum packaging, food takes up less space and can be stacked and stored more efficiently in the refrigerator or freezer. This helps maintain organization and facilitates access to stored food.

Burn protection

By removing air from the bags, the formation of ice crystals in the food is prevented, reducing the risk of freezer burn and maintaining food quality.

Odor prevention

The airtight seal of the vacuum bags prevents odors and flavors from other foods from being transferred, which helps maintain the integrity of each stored food over time.


What products do you offer for customization?

We offer all types of bags suitable for food preservation and freezing. Also for the production of ice cubes. Fully customized products adapted to each customer.

What are the minimum requirements for ordering customized freezer bags?

The minimum requirements to place a custom order may vary depending on the type of product and customization required. You can contact us for more information and to discuss your specific needs.

What kind of customization do you offer for preservation and freezer bags?

We offer several customization options for preservation and freezing products. This includes the ability to print custom designs, logos, information or any other visual element you wish to incorporate. Size, format, color, dimensions, case, properties and benefits. are also fully customizable.

Can I print my own design, logo or information on the products?

Yes, we offer the option to print your own design, logo or information on the customized products. We can work with you to make sure the design meets your specifications and meets your expectations.

Do the customized freezer and preservation bags comply with applicable food safety regulations?

Yes, we ensure that our customized products comply with all relevant food safety standards and regulations. We use materials suitable for food contact and ensure that high standards of quality and hygiene are maintained throughout the production process.

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