We are Plasfesa Products.

Founded in 1978, Plasfesa is a family company specialized in the manufacture of everyday consumer products associated with the organization and preservation of food.

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What do we manufacture?

We design, manufacture, import and distribute a wide range of products for both professional and domestic use.

Domestic and professional rewinding

Aluminum foil, cling film and baking paper.


Garbage bags

A wide range of waste bags.


Conservation and freezing

All-purpose bags. They protect, preserve, freeze and adapt to food and objects.


Industrial and professional sector

All products and components required for the professional field.

Extrusion, slitting, rewinding and cartoning.


Our main concern is the search for new products and materials that help to optimize food transportation and preservation processes, making life easier for those who consume them.

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Leading the way forward; Committed to the future.

Guided by fundamental values, we promote respect for diversity, humility as a driver of continuous learning, constant improvement as a compass towards excellence, innovation as a creative driver and specialization as a commitment to quality. These values not only define our culture, but are the essence of how we build a future where quality, sustainability and integrity are the foundation of everything we do at Plasfesa.

Specialization: We are dedicated to excellence in specific areas, seeking expertise in our field to offer products that stand out for their quality and functionality.


We are all part of a team

We have the latest technologies in the market for the manufacture of plastic films, bioplastics and paper with which we produce all our products.


All our products are produced on the basis of BRCS Packaging Materials certification, quality assured, legally compliant and authentic. In addition, we have our own laboratory that tests all the productions we make.


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Quality assurance and excellence

Redesigning Plasfesa

Redesigning Plasfesa

With the new image we seek to convey a more modern and updated image of the company, as well as to reflect our commitment to innovation and versatility. The new logo maintains the essence of the previous image, with a clear and legible typography, but has been...

Focusing on sustainable materials

Day after day we use consumables in our home to facilitate the preservation, protection and transportation of food. Lunch bags, film for freezing food, aluminum foil for wrapping sandwiches... The problem is that all these...

We grow together

Would you like to work with us? Send us your CV through our form At Plasfesa we are constantly looking for talented and passionate people to join our team. If you are a committed person, eager to learn and work in a dynamic environment, then this is your opportunity...

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