Garbage bags

A wide range of waste bags. From extrusion to palletizing and distribution.


We conceptualize and develop our products from scratch. We have a creative and industrial design team.


From plastic extrusion to cartoning. We have a large production chain to make all kinds of references.

We distribute

We pack and palletize our products, taking care of protecting each shipment in each load.

As a manufacturer, we have the capacity to adapt our products to market requirements.

What do we offer?

All the necessary features to stand out with a quality product.

1. Custom design: customization allows garbage bags to be designed with the specific dimensions and characteristics required.

2. Customized colors: to choose from a wide variety of colors available, allowing the end customer to quickly identify the different types of waste being disposed of.

3. Logo and design printing: customized garbage bags can include company or brand logo or design, which will increase brand visibility and enhance corporate identity.

4. Banner design: garbage bags can also include the graphic design of its cover with printed information, such as instructions for use or advertising messages.

5. Specific materials: choose the type of material depending on the type of waste to be disposed of. For example, garbage bags for organic waste can be made of compostable and recyclable fibers.


The absence of welds at the base prevents liquids from leaking into the bottom of the bag.


Each bag features a contrasting tonal drawstring that simplifies the automatic closure of the bag with a simple pull.

Three-layer material

At Plasfesa, we specialize in the exclusive production of garbage bags with a triple layer of protection, designed to prevent any type of breakage.

Easy separation

The trash rolls come with pre-established cutting lines for easy separation.


The bag is impregnated with a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance, effective in counteracting any unpleasant odors.

High Resistance

We use premium recycled materials and reinforce the thickness of our bags to ensure superior strength.


What kind of customization do you offer for garbage bags?

We offer a wide variety of customization options for garbage bags, including custom design, custom colors, logo and design printing, printed text and choice of specific materials.

What are the minimum requirements for ordering customized garbage bags?

The minimum requirement to place an order for customized garbage bags depends on the type of bag and the customization required. You can contact us for more information.

What materials are used for customized garbage bags?

We use high quality materials for our customized garbage bags, depending on the type of waste to be disposed of. We offer customized trash bags in a wide variety of materials, from biodegradable materials to heavy-duty hazardous waste materials.

Can I print my own design or logo on the garbage bags?

Yes, we offer the possibility of printing custom designs and logos on garbage bags.

Do the customized garbage bags comply with applicable waste disposal regulations?

Yes, our customized garbage bags comply with the applicable regulations for waste disposal and we offer advice and guidance as to the applicable regulations in each case.

Shall we contact you?

All the information you need in one click. Contact one of our sales representatives to learn more about our full range and prices.