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Plastic liner designed to protect boxes and pallets during transportation and storage, providing a resistant barrier against damage, dust and moisture.


These industrial plastic bags and sacks do not have handles and have a straight cut opening. There are different ways in which they can present themselves.


Made of flexible and resistant plastic materials, they are used to protect and safeguard different surfaces, boxes and products in industrial environments.

In industry, the use of protective sleeves, covers, sheets and bags are commonly used consumables, both in internal processes, as well as to be linked to the final product.


Box sleeves are plastic bags without handles, with a straight cut opening. They are used to cover the inside of boxes transporting products, mainly foodstuffs. There are different ways of presentation of the box sleeve bags:

1. Pre-cut bags on a roll:
The roll of box sleeves is presented in a dispenser for easy handling, providing order and cleanliness.

Block bags: These bags are straight and are joined by means of a pre-cut block. The bundle of joined bags is placed in a dispenser, which facilitates handling and brings order and cleanliness to the packaging process.

3. Individual bags: The bags are presented separately, generally grouped in packages that are in turn placed in plastic bags or cardboard boxes.


Box sleeve bags are usually clear or natural colored, although options in a wide range of colors are also available. They have a thin thickness, since their main function is to protect, not to carry weight.


The dimensions of the plastic box covers are flexible and can be adapted to the size of the box to be covered or protected. They are commonly used in the food industry, such as bakeries and fruit and vegetable processing, among others.

Industrial Bags and Sacks

Industrial plastic bags and sacks are containers without handles with a straight cut opening. There are different ways in which they can be presented:

1. Pre-cut bags on rolls: They are presented in rolls for easy handling. The bags are joined by means of a pre-cut that allows them to be easily separated. The rolls are usually placed in a dispenser, which provides order and cleanliness.

Bags with Block: These bags are joined by a pre-cut block that facilitates their separation and handling. The bundle of joined bags is usually hung on a dispenser, which brings order and cleanliness to the process. The main function of these plastic bags or sacks is protection. Therefore, their thickness is thin and they are usually transparent, although black can also be chosen to protect from light and maintain the confidentiality of the contents.

3. Individual bags: These containers have a large capacity and resistance due to the high grammage or thickness of the plastic. They are generally used to protect, store or transport heavy or bulky products. The thickness of the plastic can play different roles, such as light protection and confidentiality.


We have the technology to make holes or cross-holes to facilitate the exit of air when introducing the article in the bag and to avoid the entry of dust.


We offer total flexibility in terms of colors, sizes, printing and thickness, adapting to any non-standard size. We offer our customers total freedom of customization and adaptation as required.


As for printing, texts with instructions or content preservation can be printed, as well as any drawing or corporate image that may be required.


They can protect, store or transport a wide variety of items, from mattresses, furniture, soil, compost, ice, produce, hazardous waste and metal or ceramic parts.

Easy Open Bags

Easy open bags are conventional or flat bags that have the peculiarity of being joined by a pre-cut block, which facilitates their separation and handling.

The block usually has perforations that allow the bag package to be hung in a dispenser. This form of presentation provides greater organization and cleanliness during handling.

These bags can be made from high or low density polyethylene, recycled or biodegradable material. In addition, we offer the option of micro-perforating them if the product to be contained requires transpiration. They are also suitable for direct food contact.


Suitable for food use. Perfect for and dispensing in greengrocer’s shops, markets, markets, supermarkets, dry fruit and candy stores.

Easy to use

The presentation in block format facilitates the use, separation and handling. It also has perforations for hanging or hooking the block.


What kind of customization do you offer for industrial bags?

We offer a wide variety of customization options for bags, including custom design, custom colors, logo and design printing, printed text and choice of specific materials.

What are the minimum requirements for ordering customized industrial bags?

The minimum requirement for ordering customized industrial bags depends on the type of bag and the customization required. You can contact us for more information.

What materials are used for customized industrial bags?

We use high quality materials for our personalized bags, depending on the utility required we will advise one or another.

Can I print my own design or logo?

Yes, we offer the possibility of printing customized designs and logos in any format.

Shall we contact you?

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